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1.8sSkinemax doesn't kick in with the really dirty stuff
0.99still about 3:00 anyway.
1.49sThey had one on last night
4.23swhere the girl had a butt-face, but her breasts was immaculate.
2.87sPeter, you sure it's okay to be at the brewery after hours?
1.93sRelax, Joe, this is where I work.
1.93sBesides, it sure beats the hell out of last Saturday
2.56swhen we partied with that big-horned guy from Legend.
1.66sYou guys wanna go to IHOP, get some breakfast or something?
2.49sGod, I don't know, big-horned guy, it's like 3:00 a.m.
3.37sOh, that sucks, man! I'm wide awake. Hey, Quagmire, you want...
1.7sOh, my God! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, man!
1.16s- Are you okay? - No! .
1.06sI didn't see him.
1.47sOkay. Okay, guys. here's one.
3.16sIf you were God, who would you strike down first?
2.43sDebra Messing. I find her insufferable.
1.16sFrench Stewart.
3.7sWhat are you squinting about? It's not even that bright.
1.06sYeah, he is terrible.
2.13sWhat we need out there now is another Tim Daly.
2.33sundefinedWho's Tim Daly? " don't even know who that is.