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1.9sOh, crap! I'm not even half-buzzed.
1.83sHey, what do you guys say we take this party on the road?
0.99sFine by me.
1.8sSkinemax doesn't kick in with the really dirty stuff
0.99still about 3:00 anyway.
1.49sThey had one on last night
4.23swhere the girl had a butt-face, but her breasts was immaculate.
2.87sPeter, you sure it's okay to be at the brewery after hours?
1.93sRelax, Joe, this is where I work.
1.93sBesides, it sure beats the hell out of last Saturday
2.56swhen we partied with that big-horned guy from Legend.
1.66sYou guys wanna go to IHOP, get some breakfast or something?
2.49sGod, I don't know, big-horned guy, it's like 3:00 a.m.
3.37sOh, that sucks, man! I'm wide awake. Hey, Quagmire, you want...
1.7sOh, my God! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, man!
1.16s- Are you okay? - No! .
1.06sI didn't see him.
1.47sOkay. Okay, guys. here's one.
3.16sIf you were God, who would you strike down first?