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4.66sThere 's a hole, there 's a hole there 's a hole in the bottom of the sea
1.26sLook, Brian, I think it's wonderful
2.2syou found a young lady willing to stoop to your level.
1.02sWhen do I get to meet her?
1.16sNo, no. No way.
2.23sOh, I see, I get it, she's hideous.
2.49s- She's not hideous. - Oh! Well, let me ask you something.
2.94s- Does she have an alibi? - For what? Why would she need an alibi?
1.99sSo, you're saying she does not have an alibi.
0.99sWell, no.
2.2sOkay, so, we've established she ain't got no alibi.
1.63sShe ugly She ugly
3.3sU-G-L-Y she ain 't got no alibi, she ugly
0.97sScrew off.
1.49s"M" she's major ugly
4.8s"O" she is fat andpugly Oh, my God, now the cow says moo
3.3s- Here's to Peter getting his fingers back. - Thanks, Joe.
1.83sOh, boy, I tell you I haven't felt this good
2.23ssince I came up with that new place to hide my porn.
1.97sHave a good day, sweetie.