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3.33sIs violence in movies and sex on TV
3.4sBut where are those good old-fashioned values
2.83sOn which we used to rely?
3.2sLucky there 's a family guy
3.16sLucky there 's a man who positively can do
1.52sAll the things that make us
1.73s- Damn it! - Peter, are you all right?
1.73sNo. No, I think you should call somebody.
2.7sundefinedMa'am, are you all right? " can't breathe.
1.66sOh, God! I think she punctured a lung.
3.4sOh, damn it, look at my foot. It's already starting to swell up.
3.13sYeah, I'm looking forward to this week. Freaking swelled foot all week.
0.97sYou know, we should...
1.63sYou should probably go ahead and shut that off.