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3.53sMorning, Lois, I need you to proofread this and collate it for me.
1.87sPeter, did you Xerox your penis?
3.46sThree-hundred times. It's a flip book. Flip through it or you're fired.
2.66sOh, my God! This is disgusting.
3.16sPeter, for the last time, I'm not having sex with you in this office.
1.93sWhy the hell are you pushing this so hard?
2.66sBecause, Lois, I already wrote the letter to Penthouse Forum,
3.66sand I don't want to be made a liar in the nudie magazine of reckon.
0.97sAll right,
3.27sifl give you 30 seconds of making out, will that shut you up?
0.99sLet's see where it goes.
4.27sLOIS: Oh, God! You know this is pretty hot. PETER: Yeah, what did I tell you, huh?