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2.13sAnyone else have to go to the little girl's room?
0.99sI have new gloss.
2.56s" love gloss. Gloss rhymes with hair.
3.2s- STEWIE: Dude, that was painful. - What are you doing here?
0.99sDid you follow us?
2.94sBrian, why can't you just admit what's going on here?
3.13sOkay, okay, fine, fine. I'm gonna have to break it off.
3.53sBut, boy, it's going to be tougher than the reviews for Our American Cousin.
3.87s"Lincoln assassinated... Tragedy for our republic..."
3.44sOh, look, "Ably performed by the entire ensemble."
1.83s- That's us. - That's all of us.
3.53sMorning, Lois, I need you to proofread this and collate it for me.
1.87sPeter, did you Xerox your penis?
3.46sThree-hundred times. It's a flip book. Flip through it or you're fired.
2.66sOh, my God! This is disgusting.
3.16sPeter, for the last time, I'm not having sex with you in this office.
1.93sWhy the hell are you pushing this so hard?
2.66sBecause, Lois, I already wrote the letter to Penthouse Forum,
3.66sand I don't want to be made a liar in the nudie magazine of reckon.