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3.13sSo, Jillian, what are your views regarding Homeland Security?
2.53sDo you think we should support what the President is doing?
2.83sWell, I just think, for starters,
3.13sthat sometimes the government has things they can't tell us.
2.99sAnd truthishly, we should just accept that.
0.99sOkay, good night, everyone.
1.56sOh, say, Jillian, before you go,
3.23sI forget, do you know what the capital of this state is?
1.47sRhode Island City?
2.26sIt's like she's fucking five.
2.23sThanks for hanging out with my friends, Brian.
2.43sHey, come on, we're a legitimate couple, right?
1.47sI should be able to talk with your friends.
3.73sSo, then the valet pulls up. and I'm all, "That is so not my car."