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3.37sSo, Brian, how's it feel to own the coolest club in Quahog?
2.1sYou think this is cool? Look at these people.
3.1sI'd rather go bankrupt than cater to pretentious jerks like this.
3.44sWhoa, Brian, slow down, man. We're making money now.
3.44sAnd besides, this place ain't all bad.
1.63sHey, you girls thirsty?
2.27sCould I interest you in a couple of Rob Roys?
1.27sWhat's a Rob Roy?
2.77sOnly the drink of Mr. Peter Lawford.
1.4sWho's Peter Lawford?
2.1sWhat am I hitting on, Lou Costello here?
1.77sWho's Lou Costello?
3.74sSorry, my friend's a little new to the club scene.
2.37sGeez, what the hell's with these broads?
2.7sLook at you two. Tuxes in a nightclub?
3.24sGod, you're more out of place than Prince was on The Price Is Right.
2.6sAnd what's your bid on the dining room set, Prince?
1.57s(SOFTLY) $350. I'm sorry?
1s(SOFTLY) $350.
1.33sCan you speak up, please?
1.7s(SOFTLY) $350.
5.34sAll right. And the actual retail price of the dining room set is $350.