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2.5syou're not coming to my birthday.
1.3sWho did that? QUAGMIRE: Giggity.
1.4sGood morning, class.
2sStarting today, we have a new student.
3.04sPeter, would you like to introduce yourself?
1.47sHi. My name's Peter Griffin.
3.97sI was actually in third grade a long time ago, but I never finished.
2.47sBack then, we had a teacher named Mrs. Wilson.
2.77sExcept we had this funny little nickname for her.
3.24sWe called her Mrs. "Killson" 'cause she had an abortion.
1.37sI know, I know, it's kind of silly,
1.8sbut we were, you know, we were just a bunch of kids.
1.83sI'm sorry, go ahead, Mrs...
2.8sWilson. Thank you, Peter.
2.77sWhy don't you sit over there, next to Omar?
1.67sOmar is our top student,
4.67sand we're hoping he'll lead us to victory next week in the district spelling bee.
2.04sWhat are you doing in our class? You're old.
1.3sAre you stupid or something?
1.77sPicking on the new kid, huh?
2.67sWell, at least my parents didn't name me Gaymar!
4.9s(LAUGHING) Wow, I never knew you could make fun of someone for being homosexual.