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4.14sAngela, I did it. I finished the third grade. I'm ready for my promotion.
3sGriffin, you blew up a children's hospital.
1.6s- You're going to jail. - What?
2.37sWhat, you think everyone just forgot about that?
3.8sThere was an investigation, fingerprints, forensic reports.
4.1sNineteen children died, Peter, and the FBI knows it was you.
5.87sMr. Griffin, this court finds you guilty and sentences you to seven days in prison.
1.9sYou'll be out next Sunday at 9:00.
4.47sGod, I can't believe we bought these ridiculous clothes for a club that didn't even last.
2.84sHey, come on, we had a great 72-hour run,
1.93sand in this business that's all you can ask for.
4.2sBesides, I've already opened a new club that's even more exclusive than this one.
1.53sReally? Where is it?
3.2sBrian, it's so exclusive that it doesn't even have a location.