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2.37sPeter, your word is "tree."
1.6sCan you use it in a sentence, please?
2.2sThere is a tree by the lake.
2.7sCan you use it in a dirty sentence?
2.4sI like to bring transient hookers to the old oak tree,
4.3swhere I asphyxiate myself at the same time I'm watching them have sex with each other.
2.34sT-R-E-E. Tree. Correct.
2.03sWe're now down to our final two competitors,
2.47sPeter Griffin and Omar North Tower.
3.94sOmar, you'll be going first. Your word is "coagulate."
4.4s(BUZZER RINGING) Ooh! I'm sorry, Omar. Bet you could spell "box cutter."
2.3sI'm nine years old and I'm Indian.