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2.85sI played the gentle giant, "Stay-off-drugs-ia."
1.7sI know why you're here.
3.97sYou want to see me humiliate myself with my stupid dance.
1.48sWell, fine.
2.82s(SCATTING) Wrong.
3sSide step. Side step. Shuffle.
2.69sI want to buy the rights to that dance for $1,000.
1.28sWoo-hoo! But why?
2.7sMy workmanlike touchdowns never make the highlight reel.
2.05sBut if I add your shameless shenanigans,
1.83sI'll be on ESPN every night.
2.13sYou want to do my dance after you score?
2.7sDamn straight. And I'll buy any other dances you got, too.
2.69sWoo-hoo! (SCATTING)