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1.7sWhat? Dumb. Bye.
1.33sBut Rick, Summer's just --
1.76sSummer's just a hyper-emotional, needy little --
1.26swhat's the word I'm looking for here?
0.99sIt runs in the family.
1.09sI can tolerate it,
1.19sbut I can't give a crap about it.
1.49sTake a hike.
2.94sTake care of yourself, Unity.
2.26sI'm not looking forjudgment, just a yes or no --
1.87scan you assimilate a giraffe?
0.83sYou're the worst!
2.73sNo, you're the worst! You don't support this family!
1.43sAll you care about is yourself!
1.19sYou think supporting the family is about supporting you emotionally...
2.97syou've got two children being dragged across the cosmos ...because it's never enough, Jerry! your dangerously ill father!
1.23sAnd you force me to watch it happen...
2.53s...because you'd rather lose them and lose me...'s like to be afraid of losing anything 'F'
0.99s- than lose him! - Because you cling...
0.99sAnd why? Because you're the child, Beth!
2.87sYou, not me! You!
1.52s- Aah! - Aah!
1.56s- O h, my god, - Aah!
2.16sUm, first of all, hello.
2.09sUh, my name is Blim Blam the Korblok.
1.8sSecond of all, cards on the table,