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1.66slike leggings and mid-calf boots.
1.63sYou think you're great together,
2.3sbut you're just bringing out the worst in each other.
2.56sOh, gee. Boy, Summer. Well put,
1.8sUh, why don't we see what Unity thinks?
0.99sU nity?
1.7sI'm just taking a little break from stuff.
1.97sYou know? I need to relax.
2.06sOh, hey, w-what's this on the news, guys?
1.13sL-I-Iet me turn it up,
1.43stn the news today,
1.59sthis tooks a tot worse than it is.
1.63sWe ’re reallyjust having a good time.
1.37sKaren F Thanks, Todd,
3.49sUp next, are you a concerned grandchild or fast a buzzkill?
1.87sWe W te// you how you can know for sure.
1.93sI think you two are a little outnumbered.
2.06sOkay, well, what if you did it for me?
3.9sWhat if you came with us as a favor to us because you love us?
1.7sWhat? Dumb. Bye.
1.33sBut Rick, Summer's just --
1.76sSummer's just a hyper-emotional, needy little --
1.26swhat's the word I'm looking for here?
0.99sIt runs in the family.
1.09sI can tolerate it,
1.19sbut I can't give a crap about it.
1.49sTake a hike.
2.94sTake care of yourself, Unity.
2.26sI'm not looking forjudgment, just a yes or no --