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2.53sWhat the hell is your problem?
1.99sGrandpa, we need to go home, now,
1.8sFine. Sheesh.
1.47sSee you,
1.76sUh, Rick, I think we should allgo.
2.2sTend to your garden, kids. I'm kind of doing a thing here.
1.83sGrandpa Rick, we're not leaving without you,
1.93sOh, my god, you guys. I get it.
4.23sYou're afraid the big, bad hive mind is gonna steal your grandpa away.
3.3sActually, no. I think Unity's great and you're a horrible influence on it.
0.82sThis isn't healthy, Rick.
4.59sYou know, you're -- you're really up to no good around here a-at this place, you know?
1.19sYou and Unity are like --
1.66slike leggings and mid-calf boots.
1.63sYou think you're great together,
2.3sbut you're just bringing out the worst in each other.
2.56sOh, gee. Boy, Summer. Well put,
1.8sUh, why don't we see what Unity thinks?
0.99sU nity?
1.7sI'm just taking a little break from stuff.
1.97sYou know? I need to relax.
2.06sOh, hey, w-what's this on the news, guys?
1.13sL-I-Iet me turn it up,