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1.49sBOTH: Shut up!
1.63sUnity, this place is a mess.
1.16sOh, it's cool.
2.4sThe part of me that's the cleaning lady is coming on Friday.
3.5sOh, my god. I have a meeting at the Galactic Federation in an hour.
1.02sOh, I'll never make it.
1.52sAh, I'll push it to next week.
1.97sUnity, could you get Rick out here, please?
1.59sHe's unavailable. He's...
1.63shaving sex with you. We get it. Grass,
1.26sGet him out here now,
1.02sI don't think he wants to be --
2.2s- Grandpa Rick! - Rick! Rick!
3.13sI'm gonna tell mom and dad about the gagoo you have locked up under the garage!
2.53sWhat the hell is your problem?
1.99sGrandpa, we need to go home, now,
1.8sFine. Sheesh.
1.47sSee you,
1.76sUh, Rick, I think we should allgo.
2.2sTend to your garden, kids. I'm kind of doing a thing here.
1.83sGrandpa Rick, we're not leaving without you,
1.93sOh, my god, you guys. I get it.
4.23sYou're afraid the big, bad hive mind is gonna steal your grandpa away.
3.3sActually, no. I think Unity's great and you're a horrible influence on it.