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2.84sbut hey, it's not like this planet can take its business elsewhere.
3.33sUm, should we maybe stop somewhere and get you a coffee?
1.97sMaybe splash a little water on your face, or...
1.83sNo, no, if I wanted to be sober,
1.73sI wouldn't have gotten drunk.
1.66sOh, man. I cannot wait --
3.03sI cannot wait to hear Rick explain his way around this.
1.26sHe is gone.
1.23sJerry, stop, please, okay?
1.49sWe weren't even supposed to be down here.
1.23sIfwe confront him about this --
1.52sOh, my god! I love this.
2.43sI love that this is how far you will go for him.
6.53sYou want to go upstairs and cut carrots and watch a Lifetime original above a fucking alien dungeon!
2.83sYour relationship with your father is psychotic.
3.33sOh, listen to you relish the idea that my genius father is a bad person.
3.6sStep out of your ego for a second and look at this thing -- it's a monster.
2.83sHe might have it chained up so that it doesn't eat the planet!
2.2sRight, because your father's such an altruist?
3.6sI once saw him briefly forget the word for "Humans."
2.13sHe's probably harvesting this creature's organs.