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2.03sWay to go, Summer. You started a race war.
2.56sI didn't start it! They're the racists.
3.27sI -- I merely empowered them to follow their apparently misguided dreams.
1.49sOkay, thanks for clarifying.
1.9sI'll have a super-accurate headstone now.
1.23sHey, wait -- what race are you guys?
1.09sWe're neither. S-see?
1.59sYeah, take my word for it.
1.73sWe just have regular nipples.
2.37sHey, these two freaks have no race!
1.56sOh, there's no place like home.
1.56sThere's no place like home. Remember, Summer?
1.52sFrom Dorothy and the tiny people movie?
1.13sYes, yes.
1.32sAll the tiny people.
0.58sDorothy, take us away.
1.99sHello, Summer. Hello, Marty,
2.4sIt's okay. You're safe now.
3.16s- Yes. - Oh, Unity, I am so sorry.
2.7sI didn't know freedom meant people doing stuff that sucks.
3.37slwas thinking more of a choose your own cellphone-carrier thing.
1.4sOh, Summer, you did nothing wrong.
1.59sI'm having fun with your grandpa.