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2.2sMORTY: I think you're getting what you wanted, Summer.
1.97sSomething's happening to Unity.
2.73sDo all of you remember who you are?
2.47sYeah, uh, my name is Ron Benson.
2.9sI'm an electrical engineer, father of two,
3.56sand, as you can see from my flat, concentric nipple rings,
2.49sI'm a member of this planet's top race!
1.7sOkay, that's good.
2.4sUh, don't focus too much on the last part, but --
2.9sI'm Daryl Jefferson. I'm a Iandscaper.
3.93sAnd I'll be damned if that ripple-nipple bitch's race is superior!
1.93sThe cone-nipple people will rule this world!
2.33sYou shut your mouth, you dirty knife-nipple bastards.
1.06sWhat'd you say to me,
2.16syou target-chest piece of shit.
1.73sRace war!
1.16sWhy are you fighting?!
2.23sCan't you see you're all the same?
1.47sOh, Summer.
1.4sFirst race war, huh?