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1.73sAlien prisoners under the house.
3.46sN i c e ' Reeeeeeeeeeeeeal --
1.47sGod damn it, stop,
2.97sWake up, people! You have to fight it!
2.43sYou're under the spell of an evil monster!
2.66s- I can hear you. - Yeah, so you keep saying.
1.73s- Summer! - Wake up!
2.13sYou have to have some individuality left in there!
1.3sWhy do you hate me, Summer?
1.52sI'm not talking to you.
2.43sI'm talking to... Steven Phillips.
2.53sSteven, set yourself free.
2.3sSummer, before I took over this planet,
2.49sthis man was a registered sex offender.
2.7sYeah? Well, so what? At least he was himself.
2.97sThis woman was a drug addict on the verge of suicide.
1.83sNow she's a marine biologist.
3.33sListen, Unity, I don't think my sister's trying to say that life would be perfect without you.
1.63sI think she's just saying that life would be,
1.26syou know, life.
2.76sI have transformed life here into a paradise.
1.97sProstitutes are now scientists.
2.2sThe homeless are now "Phisosophers."
1.7sOh, Oh, "Ph-phisosophers"? Nice.