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3.5sOur planets maintain a practical alliance for exchange of vital resources,
1.7sso be nice.
1.63sis it a bad time?
3.96sAre all present life forms assimilated?
3.93sBeta Seven, this is my single-minded friend from Earth, Rick.
1.99sRick Sanchez.
1.13sUnity has spoken of you.
1.73sAll bad, I hope. Ha ha!
1.23sALL: Bleeeeeeeeeh!
1.3sOh, Jesus Christ.
2.59sBeta Seven, if my allies are a problem for you,
1.9sperhaps our alliance is, as well.
1.63sOur alliance is beneficial.
1.97sWhen Beta Seven expresses concern,
1.59sit -- it's only be-because --
2.53sRICK: Oh, snap! Powdered neutronium?
1.47sYou know I can make with this stuff?
2.2sOh, Rick, I -- I shouldn't.
1.99sCome on. It's not every day that I'm town.
1.7sIt's -- it's for old time's sake.
2.33sUh...okay, what the hell.
2.8sWe can purify the resin and make fractal dust.
2.49sOh, I was thinking velocitinis, but --
2.94sAw, old man Rick can't party with a whole planet?