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2.09swhich makes this my garage, my secret hatch,
3.53smy hidden subterranean lair, and my faceless gargler.
3.43sNow, are you gonna keep hating this playa or are you gonna jack my steez?
1.93sOkay, you're just making stuff up now,
1.07sUgh. Oh, my god.
1.3sOh, my god,
2.63sOh, Rick. That was so bad.
1.02sWhat's this "was" stuff?
1.33sI just need to hydrate,
1.94sThen we're doing that again.
0.57sOh, damn.
1.13sListen, ifthis is an invasion,
1.3sI got to sit this one out,
1.9sbut I'll be back to have sex with the survivors.
1.7sIt's a neighboring hive-mind species,
1.06sBeta Seven.
3.5sOur planets maintain a practical alliance for exchange of vital resources,
1.7sso be nice.
1.63sis it a bad time?
3.96sAre all present life forms assimilated?
3.93sBeta Seven, this is my single-minded friend from Earth, Rick.
1.99sRick Sanchez.
1.13sUnity has spoken of you.
1.73sAll bad, I hope. Ha ha!
1.23sALL: Bleeeeeeeeeh!
1.3sOh, Jesus Christ.
2.59sBeta Seven, if my allies are a problem for you,