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1.52sWhat the hell was that?
1.02sI don't know. Let's just leave.
1.16sThat is a hatch.
2.26sYour father put a hatch in my garage.
1.37sYou don't know it was him.
1.8sAnyway, we're not supposed to be in here.
3.13sObviously, neither is whatever's gurgling down there.
2.26s"World peace achieved." Nice.
2.67sLittle weird to publish a paper about it for yourself, but hey.
1.16sSo, what's next?
1.93sAfter I become a type-one civilization,
3.66sthis world will be invited into the Galactic Federation.
0.99sOh, goody.
2.87sFrom there, I'll have access to countless planets and species.
1.87sOne by one, lwill unify them,
1.19sI will become the universe,
2.97sand lwill be what the single-minded once called a god.
1.43sI like that.
1.49sOh, that's pretty sexy.
1.9sHey, listen, where can we get a drink around here?
2.3sRecreational substances were phased out here.
3.36sThere's no need for escape from the self when yourworld is one.
1.56sUnity, Unity, who am I talking ta?
4.26sI watched you assimilate a whole police station just to get your hands on the evidence locker.