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1.59sJerry, what are you -- what are you doing in here?
2.8sI'm trying to find our weed whacker,
2.56s'cause our weeds are wack, yo.
1.8sBut you can't go in the garage when Rick's not here.
1.37sl "c an't"?
0.77sWell, he doesn't like it.
0.79sWhat's he gonna do?
2.59sCrash rent-free at his other family's house?
0.99sBETH: What is that supposed to mean?
3.96sYour dad gets to walk all over us because of your abandonment issues.
1.7sHe's playing you, shorty.
1.9sOh, stop affecting that stupid hip-hop dialect.
6.77sStop shifting the cross hairs to my ironic urban patois just because your relationship with your father is to' up from the flo' up,
1.52sWhat the hell was that?
1.02sI don't know. Let's just leave.
1.16sThat is a hatch.
2.26sYour father put a hatch in my garage.
1.37sYou don't know it was him.
1.8sAnyway, we're not supposed to be in here.
3.13sObviously, neither is whatever's gurgling down there.