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2.47sFEMALE UNITY: Rick, forgive me for doing this in notes.
3.49si 'm not strong enough to do it in persons.
3.97sDELI VERY GU Y? i realize now that i 'm attracted to you for the same reason i can't be with you.
1.59sYou can't change.
2.23sBEGGAR: And I have no problem with that,
2.87sbut it clearly means i have a problem with myself,
2.37sN EWS PAP E R VE N DO R: /'m sure there's no perfect version of me.
4.57si 'm sure i ii fast unity species after species and ne ver really be complete,
1.93sFEMALE PRESIDENT: But I know how It goes with us.
2.9siiose who iam and become part ofyou.
1.37sBecause in a strange way,
7.6syou’re better at what i do without even trying Yours, and nobody eise 's, Unity.
3.53sP. s, i don't know where those coai miners were before they were assimilated,
1.52sYou might want to get checked,
0.97sundefined Man:
11.13sI, um -- Jerry and I were looking for our weed whacker and found your subterranean lair and your alien prisoner,