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2.17sHey, this pen's gotta last me all day!
2.85sNow if you could bup, bup, bup, bup, bup, bup, yeah.
0.47sMy name is Sophie.
0.63sHey, good luck with that.
1.72sI'm your daughter.
3.65sWhat? I finally found my daddy.
3.27sOhh! I think I just "seltzered" myself.
1.67sShut up, Updike!
3.32sListen, honey, a lot of kids think of me as their daddy.
3.99sBut I'm just a simple TV legend. Here, have a key chain.
2.19sNo. I'm sure you're my father.
2.1sYou met my mom during the Gulf War.
0.5sOhh. Was your mother an Israeli flight attendant?
2.84sCokie Roberts? No, she was a soldier.