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0.67sWhat are you doing here?
3.84sOur planet has been observing your puny species...
2.17ssince your planet was created...
3.2s5,000 years ago by God.
2.32sIn the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost.
2.2sAnd now humanity must be judged!
4.37sThe fate of your planet rests on one human being-- Homer Simpson!
0.68sWhy him?
3.85sBecause he is the fat, selfish epitome of modern man!
2.18sHey, he stole my bit!
5.15s- Now we shall probe you to see if you are worthy. - Yeah, word for word!
3.67sOkay, let's see what we've got.
2sIt has to be on channel 3.
1.5sYes, yes.
4.97sOh, yeah. That's a fine-lookin'-- D'oh!
3.5sOkay, no big deal!
3.54sStupid Lisa!