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3.27sHey, that wasn't me. That was... Milhouse?
3.14sMilhouse? What happened to my little class coward?
2.05sWhat do you care, Mrs. Krabappel?
4.22sOr should I say "Mrs. Crab Apple?" Ha-ha!
1.15s"Crab Apple?"
1sI never thought of that.
1.15sIt totally works.
2.24sOh, how could I have been so blind?
1.92sRollin', rollin', rollin'
1.87sToxic barrel rollin'
1.94sThey're so hot and glowin'
4.49sWe'll die Smithers, the board of directors is coming here today.
2.64sI don't want them to see Snap, Crackle, and Pop down there.
3.24sSir, there's a big cardboard box out back that could keep them amused.
1.22sThey could make a fort.
0.33sNo, no.
2.79sJust give them each a nickel and send them to Moe's.
1.35sLet them while away the afternoon
1.67sspilling their beer on gullets and trousers
2.7swhile drooling over French postcards. (GIGGLES)