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1.27sI can't stand local news.
3.74sNo, Brian. The new female anchor is about to do that "Child of the Month" segment.
1.27sI like her.
1.84sGood evening, I'm Joyce Kinney.
2.44s(SOFT MUSIC PLAYING) And this is April's Child of the Month,
2.07seight-year-old Angus Reed.
2.14sAngus was born with cerebral palsy.
3.47sAnd his only wish is to one day become a famous heart surgeon.
2.72sAll I want to do is help people.
1.87sJOYCE: Child of the Month, Angus Reed.
2.9sGood luck with your dream, Angus. We believe in you.
2.34sWhat a weird little guy. Thanks, Joyce.
2sHow old do they usually live to be, by the way?
1.83sWell, you never see a gray-haired one.
1.62sSo inspiring.
1.53sMom, there's a row open up there.
1.87sOh, good, I like sitting in the front.
2.97sMe, too. I didn't dress up not to be seen.
2.35sHey, you, go easy on the communion wine today.
2.17sDon't want another one of your drunken mishaps.