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3.77sHey, that's okay, Lois. You can just buy the next bag, eh?
1.67sRight, other guy?
1.43sOh, I couldn't afford that.
7.29sMy daddy's making me pay for my own tuition this semester because I maxed out all my credit cards buying a copy of E.T. at the video store.
2.24sIt was $399.
3.2sYeah, but you own it. You can just watch that now.
3.97sAnd besides, I got another way you can make money.
4.09sSo Raoul gave me a job at his pet store, but I still needed money.
1.75sOne day I was cleaning a bird cage,
4.44sand a porn producer came in, and, well, the rest you know.
3.07sI kind of feel like the part that we should have seen was...
1.27sYou know what? Never mind. It works.
2.82sGood Lord. Am I a porn baby?
3.6sOh, I'm sure not. They don't usually finish inside.