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2.97sAm I... Am I old enough for this conversation?
3.37sIt was back in a disgusting period known as the early '80s.
2.17sIt was a time when women would stand topless,
4.45shigh on coke, on the edge of hotel balconies while the curtains were billowing around them.
2.6sI think there was actually more wind back then.
2.1sRAOUL: Hey, Lois, get back inside!
2.1sThis coke isn't gonna snort itself!
4.99s(ELECTRONIC POP MUSIC PLAYING) Great party, Raoul. I feel like I'm horking all your cocaine.
3.77sHey, that's okay, Lois. You can just buy the next bag, eh?
1.67sRight, other guy?
1.43sOh, I couldn't afford that.
7.29sMy daddy's making me pay for my own tuition this semester because I maxed out all my credit cards buying a copy of E.T. at the video store.
2.24sIt was $399.
3.2sYeah, but you own it. You can just watch that now.
3.97sAnd besides, I got another way you can make money.
4.09sSo Raoul gave me a job at his pet store, but I still needed money.