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1.97sYou really don't remember me, do you?
1.32sRemember you?
1.9sWe went to high school together, Lois?
3.67sChemistry class? Freshman year? Joycie?
2.7sYou're Joyce Chevapravatdumrong?
3.44sYes, but they'd never let that name on TV, so I changed it to Kinney.
3.02sYou ruined my adolescence, Lois.
3.2sYou told me I'd made the cheer squad, blindfolded me,
3.55sand told me we were going for a special celebration breakfast.
1.55sWhen you took the blindfold off,
4.67sI was standing in front of the entire school with my pants around my ankles and a hot dog in my mouth.
2.2sIt was a horrible thing to do, Lois.
2.45sLook, Joyce, that was a long time ago.
2.5sAnd I'm very sorry for what I did.
1.57sBut we're adults now,
3.05sand that doesn't give you any reason to humiliate me like this.
2.77sYou don't like it, you can go talk to a reporter.
1.97sOh, my God.
1.7sI thought we were friends.
4.44sThe kind of really good friends that communicate with each other poorly through Facebook.