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4.8sThanks, Tom. Pornography. The very word conjures up images of red-light districts,
2.07sunprotected sex, and of course,
2.4sthe turn-of-the-century pornograph machine.
1.07sWhoa, ho, ho!
1.37sSweet Mary!
4.07sBut it seems pornography has finally found its way to our neighborhood.
9.23sYes, local housewife and church organist Lois Griffin has revealed to this reporter that she appeared in a pornographic movie back in the early 1980s.
2.55sWhat? Mom, that's you!
3.5sBoy, that black bar would be a lot lower now, huh? Huh?
2.37sHuh? Would it not?
3.29sEvidently, Lois Griffin, star citizen of Quahog,
3.22sis also Lois Griffin, star of Quest for Fur.
4.17sIt just goes to show you never know what sort of person is living next door. Tom?
1.55sI can't believe this!
1.8sLois, you were in a porno?