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2.84sAre you just gonna talk over everything that I say? I love talking on TV.
2sI'll... I'll do anything to talk on TV.
1.78sHiya, lame asses.
1.33sWe were having a nice time.
7.09sSorry. I'm just painfully aware that I'm the only member of this family who's going out for drinks with a celebrity tonight.
1.03sWhat are you talking about?
3.37sJoyce Kinney invited me out for drinks.
3.87sSo just order a pizza or something, okay? See you guys later.
1.85sMan, I hate calling that pizza place.
2.24sThey don't speak English, and they always mess up the order.
2.77sIt's like trying to give my cell phone number to the housekeeper.
2.32sOkay, I'm expecting a very important delivery at the house.
2.74sSo, could you please call me if it arrives? I'll give you my cell number.
3.44sOkay. Yes. No problem. Give me number.
4.04sOkay. 401-555-1125.