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1.77sYou must have so many stories.
2.99sWell, look, if you want to grab a drink with me later tonight,
1.8sI'd be happy to tell you some.
1.9sOh, my God, I would love to.
1.17sLook at me, huh?
2.14sStepping out on the town with a big celebrity.
2sWell, I think you're exaggerating.
4.29sNo, you're a lady big shot, like Miss Piggy.
2.52sHey, Kermit. What happened to the "Bears in Space" sketch?
2.9sSorry, it's "Pigs in Space" now. There's been a change.
1.75sWhat? There's been a change!
3.87sNARRATOR: We now return to Ellen Only Talks When Her Guest Is Talking.
1.27sSo, you want to hear about my movie?
3.14sI had a great weekend. We spent three months shooting in Louisiana. I danced all over my house.
1.63sAnd it's a thriller. It's really a love story, too.
1.63sI try to dance in every room at least once a week.
2.77sI also listen to jazz while I vacuum, which is cool.
4.7sAnyway, it comes out Friday. I got to work with Julianna Margulies... My pets were going wild all weekend. I think there's, like, something in the air.