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1.6sIn here is our editor, Mike.
4.34sThey let him smoke inside because all the smoke from his cigarette just floats directly back up into his face.
1.72sHey, Joyce, when you get a chance,
1.83scome take a look at the Weekapaug thing.
1.88sOh, this is all so fascinating.
1.77sYou must have so many stories.
2.99sWell, look, if you want to grab a drink with me later tonight,
1.8sI'd be happy to tell you some.
1.9sOh, my God, I would love to.
1.17sLook at me, huh?
2.14sStepping out on the town with a big celebrity.
2sWell, I think you're exaggerating.
4.29sNo, you're a lady big shot, like Miss Piggy.
2.52sHey, Kermit. What happened to the "Bears in Space" sketch?
2.9sSorry, it's "Pigs in Space" now. There's been a change.
1.75sWhat? There's been a change!
3.87sNARRATOR: We now return to Ellen Only Talks When Her Guest Is Talking.
1.27sSo, you want to hear about my movie?
3.14sI had a great weekend. We spent three months shooting in Louisiana. I danced all over my house.
1.63sAnd it's a thriller. It's really a love story, too.
1.63sI try to dance in every room at least once a week.
2.77sI also listen to jazz while I vacuum, which is cool.
4.7sAnyway, it comes out Friday. I got to work with Julianna Margulies... My pets were going wild all weekend. I think there's, like, something in the air.