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3.39sYeah, so, going pretty good. I got six pacifiers now.
1.7sThat was a big nothing.
2.07sAnd Julie Andrews pleaded not guilty,
2.6ssaying that she brought the gun to the nightclub for protection.
3sAnd that's all for today's Channel Five News at 6:00.
2.84sOh, I almost forgot. That little girl is still missing.
1.33sDo we have a picture?
2.14sDo we... We... We don't? We don't have a picture?
1.57sOkay, we don't have a picture. Okay.
1.53sBut she's... She's Puerto Rican.
2.7sSo look out for a Puerto Rican.
1.4sMAN: We're clear.
3.17sThat was so much fun to watch. What a pro you are.
1.44sLois, you've met Tom Tucker.
1.53sOh, yes, of course.
2.87sI loved that piece you did on the invention of the guillotine.
2.7sOh, thank you. You know, half the time those things didn't really work.
1.17sHow was it, honey?
1.13sThey couldn't finish.
1.27sOh, really?
1.23sYeah, I got to go back tomorrow.
2.34sOh, well, I made cabbage for dinner.