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3.15sI mean, look, there's a lion in overalls on the aluminum foil.
2sI mean, who is that for?
3.7sNo, Lois, don't get that one! Get the one with the lion in overalls!
4.72sOh, my God, look! It's Joyce Kinney from Channel Five.
1.88sExcuse me, Miss Kinney?
3.29sI don't mean to bother you, but my name is Lois Griffin.
4.87sI am a huge fan, and I just think you are doing a fantastic job.
1.94sAnd after what I went through with Diane Simmons,
4.07swell, let me just say it's nice to be standing here with no one trying to murder me.
1.55sYeah, no, you're fine.
2.2sOh, well, that's very nice of you to say.
1.77sYou know, it's my first anchoring job,
1.9sand I'm trying to make a good impression.
1.87sI love the "Child of the Month" segment.
4.6sWe just watched that one with the little goofball who thought he was going to be a doctor.
2.44sI can't believe I'm actually meeting you.
2.33sYou know, the news is so much better with you on it.
1.53sWell, you know, Lois,
2.4sI'm on my way back to the station after lunch.
2sI'd be happy to give you a tour.
3.09sOh, my goodness. That'd be wonderful.