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1.63sIf you own the choice that you made,
2.8syou take away all their power to make you feel bad about yourself.
1.22sWhat do you mean?
1.74sWell, you remember a few years back,
3.34speople used to make all those jokes about how Ryan Seacrest was gay?
1.9sAnd then he started making those jokes himself,
1.97sand now nobody makes those jokes anymore.
2.17sI mean, he's still gay, but now it's no fun to joke about it,
1.87sbecause he... He beat us to the punch.
2.05sMy God!
3.24sThat little pole-smoker's a fucking genius!
4.67s...and so did the Corinthians finally write back to Saint Paul, saying,
1.73s"Dude, enough with the letters.
1.43s"We have received them all,
2.43s"and will get back to you when we have the time.
3.97s"And by the way, a lot of the information you're asking for "is available online."
2.34sOh, look, everybody, it's the burning bush.