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1.83s(COUGHS) Sinner. (COUGHS) Harlot.
2.77s(COUGHS) Skank. (COUGHS) I'm actually sick.
2.8sYou are no longer welcome here, Lois Griffin.
2.7sBut, Father, I've been an active member of this church for...
1.77sLeave this house of God!
3.6s(ALL AGREEING) But... But I love the church.
2.3sIt's an important part of my life.
2.5sMaybe you should've thought of that before you made a porn.
2.98sBut, Father, I didn't mean... Wait. Did you say "a porn"?
1.47s- Yes. - Oh.
1.88s- Well, that's kind of weird. - Why?
0.97sWell, I mean, you'd either say,
1.93s"You made porn," or "You made a porno."
3.6sYou don't say, "Made a porn." It just... It hits the ear wrong.
3.3sOh, God, have I been saying it wrong this whole time?