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2.03swith Jessica or mess around with Jessica or anything.
1.33sl'm -- I'm not that kind of guy, Marty,
1.3sWhat are you talking about, Rick?
2.8sYou -- you -- you don't have to worry about me getting with Jessica or anything.
2.43sShe -- she -- she -- she -- she's all for you, Morty.
2.09sI don't care about Jessica!
1.16sYou know what, Marty? You're right.
1.56sLet's forget the girl all together.
1.56sShe -- she's probably nothing but trouble, anyways.
1.4sS H l P ', Arming Neutrino bomb.
0.83sThat's it -- That's it, Rick.
0.83sI'm taking the wheel.
1.16sGet off of me, Morty!
1.43sI'm taking charge of this situation, buddy.
1.19sWhat's gotten into you?
1.33sl'm -- l'm -- l'm --
2.33sI'm not gonna stand around like some sort of dumb...
1.23sWhat are you, crazy?
1.43s...person and just let you blow up the whole world,
0.83sAll right, all right.
1.37sI'll -- I'll land.
0.83sl'll land. l'll land.
0.83sl'll land the thing.
0.93sl'll land the thing.
1.37sBig tough guy all of a sudden.
1.13sWe'll park it right here, Marty,
1.3sRight here on the s-side ofthe r-road here.
0.9sOh, thank God.
0.86sYou know what?
1.73sThat was all a test, Marty,
2.97sJust an elaborate test to make you more assertive.
0.9sIt was?
0.97sSure. Why not?
0.99sI don't -- I don't know.
0.9sYou -- you know what, Mo--