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1.09sAnd they'll fall right out of mine.
1.59sI've done this too many times, Marty,
1.16sI mean, you're young.
1.83sYou've got your whole life ahead of you,
2.2sand your anal cavity is still taut, yet malleable.
1.33sYou got to do it for Grandpa, Marty,
1.76sY-you've got to put these seeds inside your butt.
0.83sIn my butt?
0.83sCome on, Morty.
0.83sPlease, Marty,
1.09sYou have to do it, Marty,
0.9sOh, man.
4.8sPRINCIPAL: The fact is, your son, Marty, has attended this school for a total of seven hours over the last two months.
1.56sWhat? Why didn't you notify us?
1.83sI done been notifying you.
2.7sHave you not been getting the messages I've been leaving with Morty's grandfather?
1.56sTold you! In your face!
1.8sHe is ruining our child!
1.43sWait, what am I celebrating?
1.63sYeah, see, I thought something was fishy there,
2.3sbecause it's usually Morty's grandpa that's taking him out of school.
3.33sWhat kind of God lets this happen?
1.09sWe had a little incident.
1.66sA student was frozen to death.
3.03sAnd there's no evidence that a Latino student did it!
1.59sEveryone wants to take this to a racial place.
1.43sI won't let them.
3.96sThe Glarp Zone is for fiarping and ungiarping only,