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1.43sWell, maybe you're right.
2.03sUh, yeah, maybe I am.
0.93sI'm my father's daughter.
0.99sl'm smart.
0.9sWhy do you think I'm a heart surgeon?
0.83sHorse heart surgeon.
0.21sMrs. Smith?
1.52sThis is Principal Vagina -- no relation.
2.93sI wonder if you and Morty's father might be able to have a chat with me this afternoon?
2.47sMarty, oh, you really d-did a number on your legs right now.
1.19sYou know, you got to turn the shoes on, Marty,
1.19sfor them to work.
1.16sYeah, look -- I turned mine on.
1.26sI had no problem getting down here.
1.49sIt was a leisurely breeze.
1.26sI'm in a lot of pain, Rick.
1.43sYeah, I can see that.
4.13sBut do you think you'll still be able to help me collect my seeds, Marty?
0.93sAre you kidding me?!
0.93sThat's it, Rick!
1.3sThat's the last straw!
5.23sI can't believe this -- I'm sitting here with both of my legs broken, and you're still asking me about getting those seeds?!
1.49sOoh! Owl, Oh!
1.26sY-y-you're a monster.
1.73sY-you're like Hitler, but --
2.03sbut even Hitler cared about Germany or something.
1.66sOkay, hold on just a second, Morty.