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1.93sRight now, we're gonna go pick up your little friend Jessica.
1.16sFrom my math class?
1.76sWhen I drop the bomb, I don't --
1.59sYou know, I want you to have somebody,
1.87syou know -- I want you to have the thing --
1.23sI'm gonna make it like a new Adam and Eve,
0.99sand you're gonna be Adam.
2.56sAnd Jessica's gonna be Eve, and so that's the surprise, Marty,
1.06sNo, you can't!
1.4sJ-Jessica doesn't even know I exist.
1.19sBut -- but -- but forget about that,
1.52sbecause you can't blow up humanity.
1.47sl-l get what you're trying to say, M-Morty.
1.56sListen, I'm not -- you don't --
2.13sy-y-you don't got to worry about me trying to fool around with --
2.03swith Jessica or mess around with Jessica or anything.
1.33sl'm -- I'm not that kind of guy, Marty,
1.3sWhat are you talking about, Rick?
2.8sYou -- you -- you don't have to worry about me getting with Jessica or anything.
2.43sShe -- she -- she -- she -- she's all for you, Morty.
2.09sI don't care about Jessica!
1.16sYou know what, Marty? You're right.
1.56sLet's forget the girl all together.
1.56sShe -- she's probably nothing but trouble, anyways.
1.4sS H l P ', Arming Neutrino bomb.
0.83sThat's it -- That's it, Rick.
0.83sI'm taking the wheel.
1.16sGet off of me, Morty!
1.43sI'm taking charge of this situation, buddy.