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1.97sYou see what we just stumbled upon, Marty?
1.16sAny idea what that is down there?
1.09sThe Mega trees?
2.7sThat's right, Marty -- the Mega trees with the Mega fruit on them.
1.43sAnd that's what I'm talking about, Marty,
1.37sThat's where my seeds are.
1.06slfwe would have done what you wanted,
1.26sI would have never have found them,
1.66sbecause y-- because you're so in love with school.
1.3sAll right, all right.
1.83sSo, what's so special about these seeds, anyways?
1.66sYou ask a lot of questions, Marty,
1.3sNot very charismatic.
1.37sIt makes you kind of an under--
1.43sunderfoot figure.
1.19sJust take these shoes, Marty,
1.76sThey're sp-- special grappling shoes.
2.23sWhen you're wearing these things -- ba-- these babies,
2.66syou can basically just walk on any surface you want, Marty --
1.97sup, down, below, turn around to the left.
1.83sThese things really bring it all together.
1.19sYou have to turn them on, Marty!
1.26sThe shoes have to be turned on!
2.8sBETH: I am not putting my father in a home!