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2.43sI mean, it's -- it's not a place for smart people, Jerry.
1.13sAnd I know that's not a popular opinion,
3.13sbut it's my two cents on the issue.
1.63sThis was a good breakfast, Beth.
2.06sYou really made the crap out of those eggs.
2.26slwish your mother was here to eat them.
1.26sOh, Dad.
1.9sFor real?
1.66sTEACHER: All right, now, everybody get settled.
1.66sGet away from the windows!
3.17sNow, look, we're gonna be dealing with some real serious stuff today.
1.9sYou might have heard of it. It's called math.
2.06sAnd without it, none of us would even exist,
2.13sso let's jump right in -- two plus two.
1.4sFive plus five.
0.93sOkay, good.
1.09sIt's time for the quiz.
1.23sYeah, you know what?! Aw, too bad!
2.16sFirst row, take one. Pass it back for me.
1.8sThe stakes are high in this room,
3.3sThere's crucial things happening here every day.
0.86sPeople getting smarter.
1.06sSome of y'all getting dumber.
2.23sSome of y'all ain't gonna see 3:00.