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1.33sMarty, you got to come on.
1.43sYou got to come with me.
0.86sWhat's going on?
0.9sI got a surprise for you, Marty,
0.83sIt's the middle of the night.
1.73sI got a surprise for you.
1.76sOw! You're tugging me too hard.
0.93sI got a surprise for you, Marty,
3.54sWhat do you what do you think of this flying vehicle, Marty?
1.63sI built it out of stuff I found in the garage.
1.37sYeah, Rick, it's -- it's great.
1.13sIs this the surprise?
2.09sMarty, I had to -- I had to do --
1.59sI had to -- I had to --
0.93sI had to make a bomb, Marty,
0.93sI had to create a bomb.
0.93sWhat?! A bomb?!
1.26sWe're gonna drop it down there --
0.86sJust get a whole fresh start, Marty,
1.49sCreate a whole fresh start.
1.13sT-t-that's absolutely crazy!
1.02sCome on, Morty. Just take it easy, Morty.
1.47sIt's gonna be good.
1.93sRight now, we're gonna go pick up your little friend Jessica.