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2.67sUm, wow! Sure.
1.87sOh, fantastic.
1.43sWhat the hell was that for?
2.13sNow we have the pot and the money.
1.47sYou sure this is gonna work, Peter?
4.97sAll I know is there's a lot of money to be made in these stupid teen dramas they keep putting on TV.
2.07sAnd we're gonna get our share.
1.9sI don't wanna wait
3.97sFor my lunch to get colder
3.8sWhy can't I eat it now?
1.97sI don't want to wait
9.98s(HUMMING) The new Toyota I want a car that's got a lot of gas Come on, Joey. I wanna be with you.
2.74sDawson, I'm just not ready to give up my virginity.
1.77sCome on. No!
2.7sI promised myself that I'd save it for the man that I marry.
1.53sCome on. That's stupid.