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1.33sBoy, that was really gay.
2.33sNo, no! Didn't you just hear the announcers?
1.53sThey said it's not gay.
1.93sStewie one, you zero.
1.27sWhat are we doing here?
1.97sListen, I know you're upset about losing your money.
4.07sSo I wanted to show you it's not so bad living like a regular guy.
2.67sSo these people live here? No, this is a bus.
3.67sPeople ride it to get places that they need to go.
1.07sYou look familiar.
2.3sI was your gardener for 12 years.
2.44sOh. You look different without my lawn under you.
1.9sI don't take the lawn with me when I go.
3.74sWell, I was right to trust you with it then.
2.27sAnd this is called waiting in line at the movies.
1.37sIt's what us regular people do.
6.51sTrust me. It makes it that much more special when we finally get inside and see Renee Zellweger doing her whole scrunch-face routine.