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3.14sWhile you're there, see if you can get a sample of his hair to match his DNA.
2.03sAll right. I'm on it.
4.4s(KNOCKING ON DOOR) (COCKING GUN) - Hi, Mr. Pewterschmidt. Hello, Peter.
2.6sWhat's up? Good. Oh, damn it! I mean, not much.
2sWhat you got there? Oh, this? It's a gun.
2.03sOh, yeah? Yeah. I'm going to kill you.
1.43sDaddy, what are you doing?
3.34sYour fat, bastard husband ruined me! I lost my home, my money,
2.37sand perhaps just as serious, my wife left me!
1.23sMom left you?
1.7sYeah. She ran off with Ted Turner.
1.37sGod only knows what they're doing.
2.33sShould we give Elmo a bath? Yeah.
2.14s- Should we give Telly a bath? - Yeah!
2.27sShould we give Ernie a bath? No.
2sErnie doesn't like the monsters.